Thursday, April 07, 2016
By Pet Pawtography by Diana Bunch
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I was so proud of myself this morning.  I got up early, made my list of things to get done and started my day.  First on the list was to take Boomer and Coco for a walk. So, I decided to take them to the dog park instead.  You know, the dog park would be so much better...right?  They will get to run, play, see other dogs, etc.  So off we go...oh, better grab my camera.  



What a beautiful morning at the dog park.  The sun was shining, temp was very nice and we were the only visitors.  Coco checked all the flowers for lizards, snakes, bugs, whatever she could find.   She gave me the "all clear." Boomer was king of the park.  He just followed me around.  I guess he thought I would get lost or something.




After a little while, a few more dogs decided to bring their humans out for some fun as well.  First Petey showed up.  He is a beautiful Golden Retreiver mix.  




Then came Barkley.  Barkley was a hoot.   He would jump around to say hello to everyone.  He checked out the flowers, ran around and drank straight from the hose.  Barkley is a manly kind of dog.




Then the three little fellows came strolling in the park...Elliot, Emma and Albert.  Now, these are some cool dogs.  Yes, that's a rock in Elliot's mouth.  He holds a rock till his mommy gives him the ball to play with.




Elliot is one serious ball dog...just give him the ball and stay out of his way.  He was a blast!



Before long, Kody was supervising the whole play group...I guess that just something Golden Retrievers must do.




And of course, Ellie was there to greet every person and dog who entered the park.  Ellie is one happy dog.




Now, there are some frequent dog park visitors like Mia, Revy and Jim (well, Jim gets distracted) who have seen it all so they just don't get too worked up about anything.  However, they stay close to their dog park manager mommy (Cam) in case she needs backup on anything.



Of course, there's always a new pup that just fits right in with the regulars.  Today that would be Rain.  Rain is about eight months old and she thinks the park is kinda cool and plans to return.




It just wouldn't be the same if we didn't highlight a couple other frequent dog park visitors such as KC, Maggie, Oliver and Pebbles.  



Well, there you have it....a quick morning visit to the dog park and now it's well past lunch.  Needless to say, I still have my list of chores to get done but more importantly, Boomer, Coco and I met some new friends and enjoyed a beautiful morning at the dog park.  Yep, glad we went to the dog park and glad I grabbed my camera.





Tuesday, December 23, 2014
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Today I had the pleasure to meet Jacob. He is a senior and will soon graduate. The weather was great for our session. Thank you Jacob for a great day. You were a pleasure to work with and love that you brought your dog out for some of the shots.


Thursday, September 04, 2014
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Matt and Kaitlin’s had a beautiful country wedding at Sweet Apple Farm in Pell City, Alabama.  I had a great time photographing this wedding.  Both families are wonderful and their day was great.  We started early in the morning with wedding preparations and continued capturing memories throughout the day until sunset.  Sweet Apple Farms provides an excellent venue for a wedding.  There’s a large barn for the wedding along with several cabins, a pond, and even a little country tree swing.  Thanks to Sue Sizemore for second shooting for this wedding.






Thursday, September 04, 2014
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What’s more beautiful than a wedding at the lake?  Steven and Kim had an absolutely wonderful wedding at Lake Martin.  They had a great time creating handmade decorations along with their family and close friends.  It was such a blessing to see how much everyone loved this beautiful couple.  I am honored to count Steven and Kim as two of my close friends and would like to thank them both for allowing me to photograph their wedding.